This is how cryptocurrency trading works

A crypto portfolio within your reach

No Blockchain fees. Ever.

Trade cryptocurrencies with no wallet required

Crypto wallets are problematic; long access codes, unique protocols and malicious hackers can seriously damage your actions and investments.

Crypto contracts remove these difficulties and give you rapid access to what’s important- the price changes and volatility of the crypto market.

No crypto wallet required. Simply open or close a deal, with a click.

Leverage and fractions

Bitcoin investment is not out of reach for smaller portfolios. In fact, with iFOREX Crypto you can invest in fractional coin prices to enjoy the movements of even the most expensive coins.

While risk is always a factor to consider, it offers its own opportunities as well. If you need more trading power when the market is hot, iFOREX Crypto allows you to multiply your investments by up to 20, using leverage, so you can open larger deals with the same equity.

Receive your earnings faster

Some banks and institutions do not accept transfers from bitcoin exchanges or digital wallets, which means you may need to face additional hurdles such as having to make international money transfers and being subject to additional fees.

iFOREX Crypto have outstanding relations with your bank and credit card supplier, and any crypto gains can be easily withdrawn and transferred normally as any regular transaction.

Goodbye crypto complications

iFOREX Crypto is here to make the crypto market more accessible. If you feel like crypto opportunities are kept away from you by complicated procedures, try trading via contracts instead, and discover the ease of access to the exciting world of financial opportunities.

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